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JMY started with the association of three dedicated dog lovers and their joint effort in coming up with unique bulk cheese chews that are savory, rich, and healthy at the same time. The company thrives with the sole intention of creating a better and kinder world for the animals. We assure 100% transparency and authenticity regarding the wholesale yak chews that we put out in the market.

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Whether it is about curbing your teething pups and adult dog’s aggressive chewing habits or it is about an intuitive bonding session with your pet, our bulk yak chews can be the ultimate way to keep your dog’s atrocious chewing habits at bay. At JMY Pet Products, we understand how it can be a struggle for many pet parents to navigate through the competitive pet supply market.

Well, search no more! JMY Pet Products is there for your fur pals. As a leading wholesaler of premium pet products, we strive to bring all-natural goodness to your dog’s chewing routine. We ship hard cheese chew in bulk worldwide and within a reasonable price range. With bulk Himalayan yak chews sourced from the finest manufacturing facilities, we get you cost-effective options that you can buy in bulk.

Our Products

Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew - X Large


Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew - Large


Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew - Medium


Himalayan Yaky Cheese Chew - Small



The method of manufacturing differs from brand to brand. However, there is a basic procedure that every processing plant follows.

Once the raw materials are shipped to the manufacturing plant from a slaughterhouse, the materials are defrosted and washed thoroughly to drain off the remaining fluid. This step removes most of the odor. Then the raw materials are slow-cooked to remove the remaining odor and moisture. It can be cooked in various ways and then air-dried.


Being a pet parent, you never know everything. You are always drawn to every piece of information that’s available. Though there is no such rule book for a perfect dog parent, being well-informed about the dog facts might make it easier for you. Hence, in this section, we would love to bring out some amazing topics that may be helpful in your parenting.