Why Choose Cheese Bully Stick for Dogs

It’s no mystery that dogs love to chew. As much we love our pets we also want to protect our valuable items from munching. A chewable toy becomes an ideal alternative in this particular scenario. So for most dog owners, bully sticks are a viable option, because apart from being edible it has got a lot of health benefits.

Health benefits inculcated in bully stick

The bully stick has been around for more than a decade now and has proved time and again to be a perfect treat for your dog which brings joy and cheer every time. Let’s discuss elaborately the health benefits of this product

  • Bully sticks are gut-friendly. They are highly digestible and break down easily in the stomach of your dog. In addition to that, they never splinter so the anxiety of internal injury is out the window.
  • Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is often a tedious task to handle, but if not brushed properly they get prone to periodontal diseases. That’s why vets advise along with proper brushing you must give tough chew to your dog to keep it healthy. Chews like bully sticks are imperative for your dog’s teeth and gum health.
  • Healthy bully sticks for dogs are scientifically designed to provide maximum possible benefits to your dog. The lactose is removed from the milk making it lactose-free. On top of that, it is gluten-free and hypoallergenic for dogs sensitive to certain foods.
  • It made sure that the product is free from chemicals, no induced hormones, additives, or preservatives to give your dog a natural ingredients treat.

Bully sticks for dogs of all ages

Dogs of any breed and age relish this chewable treat. They have been proven exemplary for puppies as long as the puppy is compatible with hard food on its own. Bully sticks are sold in diverse sections with different sizes and shapes. For instance, if your dog is an aggressive chewer go for the braided stick. If takes long enough to chew then a straight bully stick is a consummate choice.

There are many varieties of the bully stick then why choose cheese bully stick. Let’s put some light on that

  • Cheese bully stick is essentially made from cow and yak cheese. They become the best kind after hardening through smoke and sun drying. In Nepal, they are called Churpi which has tons of health benefits and is cent percent natural.
  • After the procedure of hardening, they come out to be very tough and long-lasting which is quintessential for dogs’ oral health. For added hardness, these cheese are smoke-dried for 35 days.
  • The cheese manufactured from cow and yak is low in fat and rich in protein, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acid. Studies have proven that omega-3 fatty acids aids in proper brain and eye development in the case of puppies. Along with that, they are considered to be a viable treatment for canine arthritis and chronic kidney disease.
  • Cheese bully treats are traditionally prepared to give that extra crunch. They are already bite-sized so it waves off extra work in training to break treats into pieces.

Word of caution-

  • It’s important to provide sufficient water while giving any chew or treat.
  • Initially monitor the pet while you give the treat to prevent any kind of injury or choking hazard.
  • Finding the appropriate bite-size for your dog is paramount.
  • As it is made from natural ingredients, its color and appearance can vary, which is completely normal.


Not only there are a ton of health boons in cheese bully stick, but also Dogs love them! And what’s more important than your little fella’s happiness. They are well suited for dogs of all ages and breeds. There are different bite sizes available according to biting intensity, time of the bite, and mouth size. They are lactose-free, gluten-free, grain-free, low in fat, rich in calcium and omega-3 fatty acid which makes them one nutritious treat. Alongside that, they are made completely from natural alternatives and free from induced hormones, additives, and preservatives. Want to give your dog a healthy treat then cheese bully stick should be your pick.

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