When Should I Take The Bully Stick Away From My Dog?

Your doggo baby is a fierce chewer. For a rough and tough guy like your fur buddy, you gotta have tougher chews! In the world of pet care, tough chews are synonymous to bully sticks. As a pet parent, you know when is the right time for your dog to gnaw on bully sticks. But you might be clueless regarding when to take the bully stick away from the dog! Wanna know how?

Dear dog parents, we hope you have already found your solution for the crazily boosted chewing appetite of your dog. But if the solution is a bully stick, then here is something that you should know further. Leaving for work, doing household chores and several other activities will require you to not be cuddle-glued to your doggo. Meanwhile, your dog might feel FOMOish and ultimately, develop a snobbish behavior. Bully sticks can come as your savior to keep your dog happily occupied while you pay attention to other vital tasks of the day. 

But you see hours passing and your dog is still on the chew of his dreams, then you got to understand that there is something fishy in there. It is not natural. Here is knowing when to take the bully stick away from dogs.

What are bully sticks?

Bully sticks are single-ingredient chews. They are specifically bull’s pizzles dried under immense heat conditions to drain the fluid stuffed within them. They are natural, safe, digestible.  They are available in various shapes and sizes for dogs of all ages, chewing appetites, breeds, and sizes. Bully sticks are popularly known as bull’s pizzles, pizzle sticks, steer sticks, etc. 

How long is a dog allowed to keep chewing?

You give your dog bully sticks to majorly keep it occupied while you can carry out your tasks throughout the day. Separation anxiety is fatal for your dog’s mental condition. It saves your dog from being lonely and seeking company. But you cannot leave them alone for hours with the bully sticks. Especially, if you are a puppy parent, you have to watch over your little fur buddy while he chews on his favorite delicacy. 

The popular recommendations of the vet declare that the puppy must not chew on bully sticks for more than ten minutes. For adult and older dogs, the period depends on their chewing appetite. It is advisable to have watchful eyes over the dogs while they enjoy their chew. 

When to take the bully stick away?

Bully sticks are the safest chewing option that you can ever come across for your dog kid. But being super healthy and digestible does not imply that you doggo can go on with this for hours. Gnawing on bully sticks for longer can cause a choking effect on your dog’s health. Above all, your dog’s poor gut cannot take that load on it as well. There might be a gastrointestinal emergency as well if your dog happens to ingest a large piece of it without chewing it. 

Can my dog have a bully stick daily?

Dogs love chewing but overdoing it might cause a health hazard. Moderation is the key factor that keeps your doggo on a healthy meter. If you can monitor your dog, you can choose to offer your dog bully sticks daily. If your dog does not belong to an aggressive chewer group then prefer offering bully sticks once in a couple of days. 

Are bully sticks puppy-proof stuff?

If you monitor your puppy, they can be puppy-proof. The idea is to not leave your dog alone with the bully stick. There are fair chances of your dog swallowing the whole thing up. When you watch your puppy gnawing it, it is a safe option. 

Final Words:

Dog parents never repeat mistakes that they are aware of. They make new mistakes and learn from them. But throughout the process, making mistakes is a given. There is no going back. But when you find yourself alone, helpless, losing track, we are here for you. Here is hoping that we could successfully offer you a helping hand by putting out authentic information. Merry dog parenting:)

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