What do Bully Sticks Comprise? Decoding the Facts and Busting Myths about it!

Being a dog parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Having a goofy, understanding, adorable pet child with unconditional love and face licks(we know!) is a blessing. But have you heard the phrase, some of your greater blessings come with patience? Along with those affectionate cuddles, there is a fair share of hyper anxiousness while choosing products for your pet.

Finding an ideal chew with health benefits can be really tough as this process involves checking out an insane deal of products, researching, and analyzing. After all, a wagging tail is worth all the happiness of the world. 

Bully Sticks have now become the thing when it comes to the chew for dogs. With its popularity, many noises have come along voicing out whether they can serve as healthy chew options for dogs or not. What we bring here in this article is an answer backed by facts.

So let us begin bursting bubbles regarding bully sticks and take away nothing but the truth from here.

What are bully sticks and what are they made up of?

Bully sticks are single-ingredient treats made up of the pizzle/ penis of a bull. Yep, that’s true. These chews are 100% natural and serve as a perfect alternative to rawhide. There are chances that you might find bully sticks in the market with other names as well. Bully sticks are often available as bully sticks, pizzle sticks, steer sticks, bull pizzle, etc. It is a safe chewing option and successfully satisfies dogs with all kinds of chewing inclination, whether aggressive or moderate.

The procedure of making bully sticks:

The procedure might differ from brand to brand. Generally, the process involves draining all the fluid, cooking it, and then air-drying it. There are different treatment methods and standards for the manufacturers to make their products unique in some way. Most of the time, bully sticks are baked or smoked. 

You can find them in different sizes and shapes to suit various types of dogs. Keep changing the size or style you prefer to make it engaging and fun for your dogs. Most of the chews have an odor of their own, and so does the bully stick. Your dog would undoubtedly drool over it, but it might be a bit suffocating for you. You can choose the less-odor alternatives available in the market to tolerate it. Carefully handling the raw materials helps in decreasing the odor of bully sticks. 

The heat and moisture content of the bully sticks contribute to the unbearable odor that bully sticks mostly have. 

Are bully sticks better than Rawhides?

Before knowing the one chew option that has always been better for the pooches, let us first understand the significant differences between both products. Price point and the digestibility of the chew are the two vital differences. Bully sticks are low-calorie, single-ingredient treats. 

These comprise high-protein beef muscle, making them significantly digestible in comparison to rawhides. Plus, these are tasty.

On the other hand, the rawhides are indigestible chews that might cause swelling in the gut of your dog. Young pups are often prohibited from chewing on rawhides as it might not be easy on their system.

The bully sticks are a healthy alternative to rawhide. But the pup parents must have watchful eyes on their little ones while chewing on the bully sticks as they tend to swallow the whole thing at once often. 

How long do bully sticks last?

How long a chew lasts depends on the dog’s breed, chewing habit, and rate. Unlike rawhides, bully sticks can last for a couple of years at max from the day it is produced.

Bully sticks are long-lasting, hard, and sturdy with so many health benefits such as it exercises jaw muscles, maintains the oral health of your pup. A normal-sized adult dog might chew on a bully stick for a few hours to a few days. Your furball knocks down the boredom as it gets to chew on something too hard to break down.

Are bully sticks bacterially contaminated? 

That is a bothersome concern indeed! Since bully sticks have some calories, they also have bacterial contamination, but the bacteria are never a threat to your dog’s health. They help to keep your dog’s gut health on point. 

Animal by-products in bully sticks:

Bully sticks are made up of high-protein beef muscle. That is the only animal product that bully sticks have. This single-ingredient chew is easily digestible, which makes it ideal for your dogs.

Final Words:

Dog Parents looking for some ever-lasting chew for their dogs would find bully sticks a fit option. First of all, they are known to be safe for pets. These chews are easily digestible as they comprise a single natural ingredient. They contain no additives or preservatives that make them the healthiest chew options available. They serve as a natural source of protein and amino acids. 

You can come across various size variations of bully stick chews that cater to different sizes and breeds of pups and dogs. You can even play tricks with your little fur kid by treating it with various shapes of bully sticks. Above all, they can serve you as a superb cost-effective choice of chews. 

Being a dog parent, one must know that boredom is the worst enemy for your dog’s mood and mental health. The more playful and chirpy they are, the better their mental and emotional health remains. But you might not always be around to cheer your fur baby up. Hence, a good chew might keep your dog caught up in those times. Bully sticks are healthy chewing options for not only adult dogs but pups as well. With a set of enticing health benefits, bully sticks serve as the best chew options for dogs.

Here is hoping we have enlightened you enough regarding the bully sticks and everything about it that helps you settle on the best chew for your fur baby.

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