Understanding the Need for Providing Natural Dog Chews to Your Furry-Friend

Diet plays a huge part in how your dog’s life turns out, and what they eat directly affects their physical and mental well-being. Making the decision to feed your pet only natural ingredients is a crucial and fantastic step in this direction. Your dog’s favorite munching item, dog chew is one of the simplest methods to introduce natural food to their diet. Natural dog chews are of the highest quality, offer several health advantages, and have no negative impacts on wellbeing.  

Why Natural Dog Chews?

Here are some reasons why you should prefer natural dog snacks for your pooch – 

  • Hormone Free

Many dog chews are created with synthetic ingredients derived from animals that have already received hormone and antibiotic treatments. From a young age, hormones are given to dogs to promote muscular growth and development, while antibiotics serve as a defense against infections. Suppose you continue to give your pets such chews, in that case, it could result in immunity development against antibiotics and hormone consumption could result in hyperactivity, which is frequently the cause of numerous medical disorders. On the other hand, all-natural dog chews don’t contain any hormones or antibiotics, making them a higher-quality option for pet owners who want the best for their furry family members.

  • Free from allergic triggers

If your pet has ever experienced food allergies, you are aware of how challenging the therapy can be. Adding to it, dogs with food allergies may experience serious skin issues. Since high-quality natural chews don’t contain substances like soy, wheat, or corn, which are frequent allergens in dogs, they are a safer alternative and less likely to cause any food allergies.

Moreover, natural chews will be gentler on your dog’s tummy, minimizing irritation and the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

  • Non-fattening

Dogs like chewing, whether they are somewhat heavier or of a healthy weight. It can be a little challenging for your pets to stay in shape by forgoing goodies. In these situations, choosing all-natural dog chews is always a good choice because they have fewer calories than other types of common pet treats.

Natural dog dental chews include less fatty chemicals and are higher in nutrients. Because it is free of additives and fillers, your dog can be happy with fewer treats. The weight of your pet is also under control at the same time, so you don’t have to restrict their access to their favorite treats. In other words, it works similarly to how you may choose to munch on your likable fruit instead of gulping a packet of fries.

  • Wholesome nutrition 

When choosing dog chews for your dog, you should approach the decision with a human attitude, meaning that you should look for qualities that you would value in your own food. Even pets can get the optimum nourishment from minimally processed, high-quality products, just like you can. The components in natural dog chews are minimal, high-quality, and free of chemical processing or extra fillers like gluten. Gluten-free treats provide sufficient levels of protein and fiber to offer healthful nutrition. You may get a better understanding of what’s in your pet treats by looking at the information on the container.

What should you Consider when Selecting Chews for your Pet?

It goes without saying that you would want to provide your animal friends with the best. A wagging tail on your dog indicates that it is content, and that is satisfying. Therefore, selecting the best dog treats is crucial to maintaining your pet’s well-being. 

  • Ingredient Source

Even though a product might be made in one nation, its ingredients might come from another. To make sure you’re giving your furry child the finest possible care, it’s critical to understand the quality control standards of these locations/nations.

Before giving your dog treats, it is preferable as a pet parent if you are aware of the ingredients or goods’ sources. You can search for this information on their website or locate it on the label.

  • Number of ingredients 

It doesn’t matter how many ingredients are included in dog treats as long as they are all of the highest caliber and advantageous to your dog’s health. However, the majority of the fake treats available on the market include fillers, flavors, colors, and additives that are not at all healthy for your dog. Less is better when it comes to your dog’s health when it comes to the components in their treats.

Why JMY Pet Products

The chews from JMY Pet Products come from the foothills of the Himalayas and contain no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Every treat is incredibly nutritious, delicious, and free of soy, grains, and gluten. JMY Pet Products come in a variety of sizes that are appropriate for dogs of various sizes, and breeds.

Natural pet treats make a beneficial impact on your life and the time you spend with your pet while also keeping them happy and improving their quality of life. Choose natural products because we know you’d only want the best for your pet!

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