Understanding Dog's Body Language and How to Deal With It?

Understanding Dog’s Body Language and How to Deal With It?

As a dog owner, you must know your dog’s overall behaviors they are doing. But it becomes difficult for dog owners to understand every behavior. They act so differently in different situations and the reason must some kind of mental, emotional, or physical problem which is bothering them.

It is very much essential for dog parents to figure out the real reason behind their behavior, what makes them unconscious, and how to deal with and calm down them. We all know that dogs are extremely emotional and they are very much attached to their owners. Dogs trust their owners so whatever the owners do affects the dog as well.  Moreover, dog owners must be cautious with how they treat their fur pal and for their destructive behavior, you can also order hard cheese chews for dogs

Let’s find out some common body language and how to deal with them.


Dogs have a natural habit of chewing which is an important activity. If the dog causes damage during chewing then it might cause behavioral problems. The most prevalent causes are 

  • Teething stage
  • Excess energy
  • Curiosity

As a dog owner, you can order hard cheese chews for dogs and encourage them to chew. If you see your dog chewing inappropriately, try to divert its mind. Make sure your dog stimulates and gets plenty of exercises rather than chewing. 


Most dogs vocalize in various ways such as howling, barking, and yawling. All these behaviors are considered to be barking. Before stopping your dog from excessive barking, you should figure out why they are vocalizing in various ways. The most common barking includes:

  • Excitement and happiness
  • Warning or advisory
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Seeking for attention
  • Reacting to other dogs

So to control these barking behaviors training and treating are a must. Take care of them with the reasons for barking and give them attention and commitment while training. 


Dogs love to dig to some extent. They have a natural behavior of hunting heritage. Typically dogs dig for various reasons:

  • Desire to cover their chews
  • Instinct for hunting
  • Excessive energy 
  • Enter a new place or get away from an old place

In order to control your dog’s digging behavior try to find out the reasons. Spend more time with your dog, pay them attention and increase the amount of exercise. 

Unwanted Urination and Defection 

The most unwanted and inappropriate behavior among dogs is urination and defection. Due to this behavior, they might cause damage to certain areas of the house. So first, of all discuss these behaviors with a veterinarian about the particular health issues. Try to identify the causes that include:

  • Submissive urination
  • Anxiety
  • Inefficient housebreaking 
  • Territorial designation

Moreover, puppies urinate in the wrong places in the first 12 weeks. Many dogs require significant behavior modification to break ingrained habits. So, the best way to deal with these behaviors is to switch to natural chews for dogs such as JMY Pet Products chew. 

Wrap Up

Now you are aware of the most common behaviors of dogs and how to deal with them. Make sure to provide your dog with a natural chew and with the right training session.  For such dog-related blogs contact us.

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