Things That Dog Parents should Know about Bully Sticks

Being a dog parent is not only about face licks, snuggles, and cuddles; it’s more about being anxious and all whacky to fetch the best for the fur angel. It’s a given to get paranoia while picking up any product for your fur baby. We get you completely and understand the honest space from where all this crazy anxiousness heads from. Chew is one of the products that drain the dog parent in choosing the best one. 

Most of the chews available in the market are either not long-lasting or not healthy choices enough for dogs. What if we tell you there is something that would give a satiating chewing experience to your little fur buddy and will last long at the same time. Yeah, you heard that right! Bully sticks are the appropriate chew that can stand up to your expectations and keep your fur buddy entertained. 

As a pet parent, when you look for information regarding bully sticks you can find abundant of them airing on the internet. Hence, pet parents have become fearful of bully sticks. We know that a dedicated pet parent will never put his or her hands on the products about which they do not have enough idea. We are here to bring you a few facts that every dog parent should know about the bully sticks.

Fact 1- They are completely digestible

Anyone who says that bully sticks can upset your doggo’s gut is probably lying to you. They are completely digestible. USDA keeps a watchful eye on the process of bully sticks manufacture and ensures that they are rich in nutrients. Above all, the manufacturing process does not involve the use of pesticides and chemicals. The bull pizzles are washed well several times to get rid of the fluid. Ultimately, they are baked into chews that are long-lasting, satiating to the taste buds of your doggo, and 100% digestible. 

Fact 2- You will love them as they are healthy

Bully sticks are made up of single ingredients- BEEF MEAT! They perfectly meet the dietary requirements of your doggo because they are high in protein and low in the fat diet. Supplement your dog with Magnesium and Calcium that keep him active and get him a shinier fur coat.  Above all, the best part of the bully sticks is that they are less likely to cause blockages in your dog’s esophagus, unlike the rawhides.

Fact 3- Enhances the oral health of your doggo

Your doggo is a fierce canine, soft chews and treats will not suffice its innate habit of chewing. If you want your dog’s smile to be healthy forever, then fetch him a chew that caters to oral health. Hard chews like bully sticks remove the adamant plaque settled on their teeth and give their jaws a good exercise.

Fact 4- They are apt chews for all sorts of dogs

Bully sticks are an appropriate choice for dogs irrespective of their breeds or sizes. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Your preference should always depend on the size, breed, and chewing appetite of your dog. You can also choose a different shape of bully stick to challenge your little fur baby. Keep trying all sorts of bully sticks until you find the one that keeps your dog the happiest.

Fact 5- They aid the mental well-being of dogs

Do you ever realize what harms your dog the most? It is the separation or being lonely! It affects them to an extent where it also starts them hampering physically. Dogs hate being lonely. If you are not sparing enough attention to your dog, then you must feel sorry about that. Well, bully sticks can help your dog have a fun time alone. Challenge your chewing champion and get your dog playfully greedy. It makes your dog happy and aids mental well-being. 

Final Words:

We understand how dog parents long to come up with the best product for their dogs. If you want to make a move for the holistic health improvement of your dog, try bully sticks. 

Note the brand you prefer because many health issues germinate from bad quality bully sticks. JMY Pet Pvt. Ltd. brings you a wide range of bully sticks. The quality remains superior, and your dog would fall for the delectable chew that bully stick is known to be. So enjoy wagging tails and keep petsitting till we bring another guide to be an incredible hooman for your fur fellas!

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