Order Hard Dog Chew Bulk: Protect Your Canine

Your four-legged friend has just completed a nice cheesy chew and gazing at you with the eyes of an angel. Wonder if you want to provide them with chews but can’t decide if they are safe for your dog to eat?

Chews are connected with dogs, but did you know providing your dog with the wrong type of chew can be extremely hazardous? So, what chews are safer to give your dog? What should you look for when giving your dog to chew on? How can you practice chew safety

Let’s get right down to order hard cheese chews for dogs!

What is Hard Cheese Chew?

The yak hard cheese chew will keep your dog occupied for hours while providing numerous health benefits. Yak cheese hard chew is prepared by century-old recipes from the Himalayas. Made using traditional processes with yak, cow milk, and natural ingredients with no preservatives and chemicals.

The manufacturing process of JMY Pet Product Hard Chews

The methods of manufacturing differ from brand to brand. Our process starts with the collection of cow milk from the farmers as we believe farmers are the heart of the global economy. We serve farmer families by working with them and giving them dairy business. 

In this step, the milk is distilled to assure product security and uniformity. Once the milk condenses after consistent pulsing and mixing the butter is removed, making the JMYPet Products chew down on fat. The remaining milk is warmed again until the cheese starts removing the lactose and making the hardened cheese. 

After removing the cheese content, it is moved into a burlap sack to drain the water. The bag is compressed for a few days with an apparatus and the wrapped cheese is cut into pieces and dried under the sun to transform it into hard chew.

These pieces of chew are first tested for quality and then cleaned using a mixture of lime juice and water. Strict hygiene criteria are maintained to control any impurity of the chews and then cut in different sizes according to your dog’s preferences and stored for good quality purposes. 

The final step is for chews to undergo a final drying process to soak all the moisture before the chews are packaged and exported to wholesalers in bulk. 

Benefits of Ordering Hard Cheese Chews in Bulk From JMY Pet Products


Hard Cheese Chew is made up of genuine quality products and ingredients. It offers good nutritional value, and dogs feel more satisfied with it. Since what you feed your dog will impact his health, the quality of JMY Pet Products chew helps your dog’s digestive system and improves the immune system.


JMY Pet Products chews are made of all-natural ingredients using traditional processes. It is made of cow milk and yak. All the products are free from grain, lactose, corn, soy, wheat, and lactose. It is free from preservatives and can be digested easily. 


Purchasing in bulk amount can be stress-free as it is available at a reasonable price. Moreover, by ordering hard chews in bulk from the finest manufacturing facilities, you will get cost-effective options and we can make sure to provide long-lasting and healthy chews compared to the market.


All in all, ordering hard dog chew bulk from JMY Pet Products is a great alternative for pet parents. It is the healthiest alternative to commercial dog chews which often have high preservatives, added flavors, and colorants. Ensure your dog’s health that they have happy and clean teeth!!

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