How do You Keep Your Dog from Chewing on Household Items? Learn from an Expert

Are you annoyed by your dog’s chewing habits? Many dog owners are concerned about their pet’s chewing behaviors. Pets can be found chewing on everything from your favorite sandals to your socks. According to scientists, chewing is all about toning jaw muscles. Individual taste also governs how frequently pups eat and what they chew. 

When attempting to figure out how to stop a puppy from chewing or how to stop an older dog from chewing, it can be difficult to find the correct ways without feeling irritated. Being a pet parent you should focus on giving safe dog chews and avoid inappropriate chews like rawhides for your pup.

According to JMY Pet Product experts, here’s how natural dog chews can help to eliminate your dog’s aggressive chewing habits. Read on to find out more. 

Step 1:

Avoid mistakes. Put your dog in an enclosed, puppy-proofed area with a splinter-proof chew, so that you can keep an eye on them while they chew on without the dangers of hurting their gums. 

Step 2:

Teach proper chewing habits. Try out a variety of chews until you find the ones that your dog enjoys the most. Puppies have texture preferences, so, give him soft toys if he is attacking the couch pillows. Try a bone if he’s eyeing the table leg. When your dog chews on something permissible, lavish him with praise.

Step 3:

Interrupt errors. If your dog nibbles on anything inappropriate, stop him and exchange him for something he can chew on. When he does, lavish him with praise.

Step 4:

If necessary, repeat. If he repeats the mistakes, go back to step 1. Return to an enclosed, puppy-proofed space until your dog regularly makes better chewing choices.

Why Do Dogs lick their paws?

Human feet emit pheromones because of the other body’s biology, however, body feet become an attraction like chew towards our dog. 

How To Stop Dogs From Licking Feets? 

There are several methods to get your dog to stop licking your feet. Try giving them something else to chew on instead of your toes, such as a toy, a long-lasting dog chew, or one of the finest dog treats.

When it is evident that your dog prefers a toy or a treat over your feet, utilize positive reinforcement training strategies to encourage them to continue doing so. However, while you are at it, ensure to get the right kind of chews for a healthy chewing session. 

If you find your dog incessantly chewing on certain things, it’s high time you reach out to our experts at JMY Pet Products for an engaging chewing session.

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