Himalayan Yak Chew- The Power Booster for Dogs

Himalayan Cheese chew is rich in protein, flavor, and texture and is manufactured from yak milk which makes it so unique and different. These chews are fine for dogs because limited ingredients make the chew last for longer hours. Milk is boiled and the cheese is dried under good hygienic conditions. Originally, the softened version of these chew recipes was consumed by the Himalayan folks. However, with time, people started processing these chews for a hardened variety more suitable for dogs. Cheese is great for the dental health of dogs because it has enzymes that help in cleaning the plaque.

Features of Himalayan cheese chews

  • It’s a purely natural product that is high in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium, all of which are essential nutrients for the dog’s health
  • A healthier alternative to dog treats. Himalayan yak cheese chews are rich in protein which is free from lactose and low in fat that makes them an excellent choice for dog owners. We want to avoid the fatty and sugar-laden treats which are commonly found on pet store shelves and we recommend you to buy these chews in bulk because they can be stored easily in air-lock-bags
  • It is a dog treat with natural flavors which are free from preservatives. These are freshly flown in from Nepal. These chews are healthy and natural treats which the dog will enjoy
  • Time-consuming treatment encourages good dental hygiene.

The Himalayan yak chews last for hours which makes them appropriate for even the most active chewers.

  • Encourages good dental hygiene. These chews are highly beneficial to the dog’s health. While chewing, the dense nature of Himalayan yak chews can help remove plaque from the dog’s teeth, promoting good oral hygiene! 
  • Gluten and Grain free. We regularly underestimate how the dog’s stomach reacts differently to chews. The Himalayan Yak Cheese chews are free from gluten, grain, soy, or lactose which makes them a relatively better alternative to artificial chews or rawhides. These chews aid in weight management since they are minimal in fat, carbohydrates, and calories. It also improves satiety and leads to decreased snacking throughout the day which is good for weight management and overall health.


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Himalayan yak cheese chew!

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