Are Bully Sticks Good for Dogs?

If you are a dog parent, we understand your longing to find a good, long-lasting chew. And if your pup is teething now, we sympathize with you! A teething pup can chew on almost anything, but that might not be great news for a dog parent. 

But if you do not want to disappoint your champion chewer, then keep them occupied with something that could be a healthier option. After all, you cannot offer your dog the attention that it looks for every time. At least you can do your bit by looking for something to gnaw on that serves the taste buds of your furry healthily. 

Bully sticks are the choice of dog parents these days when it comes to picking up a long-lasting chew for dogs. Amongst all the buzz regarding whether it is a good choice for the pooches or not, you will decode the truth here. 

Sustainability of dog chews

Keeping peace with mother nature is now the need of the hour. Sustainable approaches would take you a long way. It is always good to choose a sustainable dog chew as well. It is a mere thought of sticking to comparatively sustainable options that eventually saves the world. Many human food companies are trying hard to use the whole animal for consumption. But humans might not enjoy eating the whole animal parts. Imagine asking- “Pizzle anyone?” 

But these animal body parts can be utilized as dog chews. Bully sticks are made up of bull’s pizzle. Hence, utilizing every part of the animal’s body makes the operations more sustainable.

What are the benefits of bully sticks?

Few advantages of bully sticks set them different from all the other dog chews. Some prominent ones are enlisted in the pointers below:

  • Digestibility: You must feed your little furry being with something easy on its system. A bully stick is a single-ingredient chew and is quite digestible. It is made up of a bull’s penis which is a beef muscle. Bully sticks have no flavors, additives, or preservatives. They are slow-cooked to remove the moisture content in them.  But you need to supervise your dog while it chews on it as there are chances that your dog might swallow the whole thing without breaking it into pieces. 
  • Oral health benefits: Information about the significance of oral health for dogs is readily available. But the challenging part for a dog parent is deciding how to keep good oral health of dogs. If you find your dog has a built-up plaque, then professional cleaning and routine brushing can help you. Offering a bully stick to your dog can also help in removing plaque from its teeth. Bully sticks are hard to break down, so they also give good exercise to the gums and jaw muscles of your dog or pup. The natural action of dogs trying to chew on the bully stick helps in scraping the teeth, leaving behind a cleaner and healthier smile. 
  • Protein-rich dog chew: Dogs are omnivores, which means they are opportunistic carnivores. That is the reason why their bodies are accustomed to protein-rich meals. They can thrive on anything, but when given a choice, they would prefer protein-rich food items. You can go on spoiling your little fur kid with everything that it loves. But being a responsible dog parent, you have to stick to chews that are only delicious for your dog but also render health benefits. Bully sticks are protein-rich, single-ingredient chews that keep your dog caught up. 

What are the types of bully sticks?

Bully sticks might differ with each brand when it comes to the shapes. Offering bully sticks of different shapes keeps your dog caught up throughout. Bully sticks of the same shape would barely excite your little fur friend to chew on. New shapes of bully sticks keep your puppy challenged and busy. Few popular bully sticks available are braided bully sticks, bully rings, bully springs, bully barbells, etc. 

If you are looking for flavors, then you might find plenty of them. You can also prefer bully sticks that are odor-free. 

A guide to choosing the best bully stick for dogs

You will find a plethora of options of dog treats, but the products that you invest your faith in and hard-earned money in must stand out in some way. Here is a guide to choose the best bully stick for your dog-

  • A high-quality bully stick always comprises superior raw materials. Cattles slaughtered for bully sticks must be raised healthily with a grass diet. The bully sticks hence achieved from these cattle are excellent in quality and healthy chews for dogs. 
  • Bully sticks are preferable chews because they last long. But if cut from the middle, they become thin. Some multipack bully sticks feature sliced products that do not last long, at least not in the case of an aggressive chewer. An excellent bully stick will always guarantee a thick bully stick with no additives, artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, etc. 
  • The brand you count on for the bully sticks must give you quality assurance. You must feed your dog the freshest bully stick produced by utilizing advanced testing protocols and top-notch processing techniques. 
  • There are a series of testing protocols that assure the quality of the product, like pH levels, salt levels, moisture levels, microbe tests, etc. 

Final Words:

If you pay heed to the quality of bully sticks, then undoubtedly they can be great chewing options for dogs. A pet parent must speculate every intricate detail about the manufacturing and the testing of the bully sticks. Finally, settle on that one brand that feels safe to invest in for your little furry’s wellbeing.

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