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ABout Us

Our company always believes in giving back to the community. We truly believe in empowering the farmers because they are the heart of the global economy. We cater to many farmer’s families by working in association with them, giving them dairy business. We have also got the certification of quality from APHIS, AIB, SQF, and WFTO.

Our company acknowledges the all-around responsibility of catering to the communities and not just outsourcing ethically manufactured high-quality dog chews. We have been supporting disadvantaged women to make them financially independent. As a company, we understand the significance of literacy. For that our company donate one book to a library on selling each pound of cheese. This has led to the opening of 175 libraries in Nepal.

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Our Mission

We are working on the mission of human progression and community development, which involves encouraging local workers, farmers, and underprivileged women who need opportunities to become independent. We aim at achieving a healthier and happier world for both animals and human beings. To achieve that, we make sure that we do our bit of bringing in long-lasting and healthy dog chews to the market. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a happier world with a progressive attitude and communal harmony. We take the social responsibility of improving the lives of women, farmers, and children across the globe. Our company works closely with the Women’s skills development center to lend disadvantaged women a supportive hand that can make them self-dependent. We put in our best efforts in the skills development of farmers and women so that they can support their living firmly.  

Pet Parent - JMY Pet Products

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