A Guide about Dog Chews without Overfeeding Them

Dogs are among some of the most intelligent animals, which is why they make great companions. They can be trained to perform various activities and obey commands other animals can’t. During the training process, many owners use treats to reward their pets, but the question stands: how can you give your dog chews without overfeeding them? In this blog, we’ll share a guide that will help you to choose natural dog chews that are healthy from JMY Pet Products. 

Rewards based on training

Reward-based training and positive reinforcement are two of the best ways to train your dog. This can be accomplished by rewarding your dogs each time they carry out a trick or habit you’re teaching them. Unfortunately, it’s simple for owners to overindulge when they offer their dogs treats. They might do so to please their loyal companion, but in return, their dog starts putting on more weight than it should. Try these options to prevent your favorite dog from gaining weight during training sessions. 

Natural chews

You must carefully select the chews you give your dog if they are the type that requires food to acquire new behaviors. You need to be careful with how much you serve because certain chews have more calories than others. It is recommended to select low-calorie chews.

Physical activities

Be sure to keep an open mind about how to provide chews to your fur-pal. Eating isn’t the only type of reward you can give them while training. Some dogs like to be rewarded by their owners with love and affection or through a game. 

How to Feed Dog chews?

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to feed a dog chew. If you give a chew wrongly, you may not only lose a finger, but you may also reinforce negative behavior. A few minor tweaks in how you distribute pet chews might make a big effect. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while giving out chews.

  • Don’t stack the pet chews too high 

This encourages canines to leap up, which can reinforce the behavior and make it difficult to stop your dog from jumping up to greet people.

  • Do not throw the chews around

This increases excitement, and the dog may swiftly snap his jaws to receive the chew, nipping the finger in the process. Ouch!

So, how should you feed your pet? Hold the reward in your flat hand or between your thumb and forefinger, either under the dog’s mouth or at his chest level. This allows the dog to simply receive the chew without having to jump or race to get it.

Final Thoughts

Switch over to JMY Pet Products, a delicious and nutritious alternative to the typical store-bought chews, if you’re seeking premium dog chews that offer all-natural and high-quality ingredients. JMY Pet Products will ensure that your dog receives the best health-improving ingredients available with a focus on diet and lifestyle. Whatever the occasion, we offer a tasty and nutritious natural dog chew. Trust JMY Pet Products for the greatest all-natural dog chews

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