A Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Dog Happy

As a loving dog parent would you like to see more of that toothy grin? If you are a dog parent blessed with the unconditional love and care of a fur baby, then you might love your dog licking your face, running around the house, and staying happy. From greeting you like rockstars to keeping you company during your lonely day, dogs bring an overwhelming amount of happiness into your lives, and now it’s your turn to show how much you appreciate them. Whether you want to pamper them with hard cheese chews in bulk or you have some other ideas in mind, here are some ways to keep your canine companion happy. 

Teach your dog some new fun tricks

Teaching your dogs new tricks doesn’t just mentally or physically stimulate them; you also get some bonding time with your fur pal that can make them happy. You don’t stop at the ‘sit” command, stay or lay down. Use hard cheese chews and treats to establish a reward mechanism to teach your dog fun new tricks like weaving through their legs, bowing, crawling, spinning, and more. 

Hide and seek with treats and chews

You can also play a game of hiding the treats or chews. Hide the dog cheese chews or chop a carrot or two into bite-sized pieces and hide them throughout the house. After the treats are hidden, ask your dog to find the treats and they will take off with giddy excitement with their sniffing abilities. 

Play tug of war

Tug of war is every dog’s favorite game. It is mentally stimulating, fun and it is quite a workout. Contrary to the popular belief that tug can make your dog dominant or aggressive, it can keep your dog engaged and happy with all the challenging aspects. 

Some cuddle time on the couch

Most dogs absolutely adore a steady routine and your dog might be one of them. After a hectic play session, you can cuddle with your pooch for a while on the couch. This can be a nice way to get your dog to settle down and relax at the end of the day. Dogs aren’t also picky about what you watch. Play what you want and cuddle your furball for a nice relaxing time for both of you. 

Spend time learning about dog culture

This one is for you. Most dog parents classify “bad” dog behavior without understanding what is normal dog behavior. For example, terriers don’t dig up the yard to ruin your garden, these creatures dig because they love to dig. The more you learn about your breed’s behavior and heritage, the more you can offer fun and safe outlets for innate drives. You get to communicate more effectively, study dog body language and decipher what your pet is trying to tell you. 


If you don’t provide a healthy and effective energy outlet for your dog, chewing and destroying things can be their normal canine pastime. So, offer your dog a good time to express their instincts and they will be as happy as anything, You can also get them long-lasting chews that can keep them engaged with all the gnawing.

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