5 Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Fur Pal

If your fur pal could speak, they would emit the phrase “I’m bored hooman.”But they cannot. Instead, they munch on your favorite pair of shoes, and furniture in an effort to draw your attention. To avoid this, you should take care of your dog’s mental stimulation.

There is not much difference between a parent & pet parent. When babies uttered the word “papa” for the first time, parents get overwhelmed. So, as a pet parent, you eagerly wait to hear some “woof” sounds from your dog. There are several games for puppies that help in mental stimulation.

So, now you must be curious to know what games can help a dog’s mental stimulation. Let’s know some exercises to improve their mental nourishment. Furthermore, you can also provide them with long-lasting dog chews as a reward during training hours. 

Let’s Engage Your Dog with Tasks

All dogs were originally bred to do some job. When it comes to food they have it pretty easily. Being a pet owner, you should provide them the opportunity to work for their food. How? Dogs have natural scavenging habits. So to stimulate your fur pal’s mind you should start changing their feeding routine. Instead of just giving them food, you can do some fun food activities. 

Let Your Dog Sniff While Walking

While taking your dog on walks, you can add mental stimulation activities like letting them stop & sniff. Walking is an exercise for dogs, but have you thought about their exploration? Your dog also would like to visit new places to explore. You can observe how much they sniff rather than just walking in a straight line. 

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

How many tricks your dog learns on a daily or weekly basis? Do they have a good stay, come here & lay down? Well, there are a lot of tricks you can teach your dog. All the good training will help in boosting the dog’s confidence and strengthen the bond between you & your dog. It also increases your dog’s focus and impulse control.

Play Some Nose Work Games

The most favorite activity for a dog is some basic nose activity games. Dog use their nose to find things as a way to help them hone. It is one of their natural skills. And all that searching will provide them with mental stimulation in their daily routine. 

Play the Shell Game With Your Dog

Have you ever thought of the word “shell”? It’s a game where you hide a chew under one of three similar containers and shuffle around the dog to choose the correct container. To play the shell game, let them watch as you place a chew under one of the containers. Shuffle them and encourage them to find the chew. The shell game will help your dog with mental stimulation. 

Final Words

Exercise not only helps in mental stimulation, but it also makes the dog active. So, be sure to find out what activity your dog likes to do. Have little patience, make effort, and provide a natural hard cheese dog chew. You will notice some difference in your dog’s behavior in no time.
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